Sunday, March 13, 2011

New England Americana Project CD

The New England Americana Association (NEAA) is releasing it's "Americana Project" CD on March 13 at Church of Boston. The festivities kick off around 5 with a listening party, followed by live music from OldJack, Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, and Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards.
Details on the album below:

“You’ll Be Mine” - Howlin’ Wolf (Willie Dixon)
Jeff Byrd - guitar / vox / harp
John Ransom - bass
Steve Dejufo - drums/percussion
Parker Richey - slide guitar
group vox, claps (Jeff B, John R, Steve , Parker , TubbyLove, Eric R., Noel C., Sam R., Jon A.)

“My Grandfathers Clock” - Henry Clay Work
Sam Reid - guitar/ backup vox
John Ransom - bass / lead vox
Steve - Percussion (drums and washboard)

“The Goodle Days” - John Hartford 
Eric Robertson - mandolin/vox
Tubby Love - guitar/vox
John Aanestad - fiddle/vox
hand claps/crowd - Jeff B, John R, Steve , Parker , TubbyLove, Eric R., Noel C., Sam R., Jon A.

“Stewball” - Woody Guthrie 
Dave Deluca - rhythm, lead vox
Matt Slowick - drummer, backup vox
Noel Coakley - backup vox, pedal steel
Abbie Barrett - banjo, backup vox
Sarah Blacker - backup vox
Dave Procaccini- bass

“On the Banks of the Ohio” - Carter Family (or earlier)
Sarah Blacker - mandolin, vocals
Abbie Barrett - banjo, vocals

“Be Here to Love Me” - Townes van Zandt
Rick Berlin - vocals, piano
Jesse Adams-Luokowski - guitar

“Freight Train” - Elizabeth Cotton
Chadley Kolb - guitar, lead vox
Matthew Maybruck - drums, backup vox
Sonny Jim - steel guitar, backup vox
Noel Coakley - pedal steel guitar, backup vox
Dave Deluca, Sam Reid, back up vox

“John the Revelator” - Blind Willie Johnson
Brendan Murphy - vocals
MorganEve Swain - vocals, fiddle
David Lamb - vocals, banjo
Mike Burke - electric guitar
Scott Marucci - upright bass
Todd Sampson - drums
Noel Coakley - pedal steel
Matthew Girard - trumpet, harmonium

“The Last Thing I Do” - Cat Mother
Dan Nicklin - lead vox
Lauren Pearl - lead vox
Matthew Girard - bass, trumpet
electric guitar, autoharp
acoustic guitar
Werlitzer organ
Todd Sampson - drums
Backup vox - Dan, Lauren, Noel,

“Bringing Mary Home”- Country Gentlemen
Jimmy Ryan - lead vox, mandolin
Eric Royer- banjo
Scott Marucci - standup bass
Sam Reid - guitar
Dave Deluca - drums
Noel Coakley - pedal steel

"Too Late" - The Consolers
Dennis Brennan vox/guitar and friends

"Delia’s Gone” - Johnny Cash
Evan Gavry - lead vox, rhythm
John Stump - bass, backup vox
PJ Aspesi - drums
Kier Bynres - lead electric
Dave Delaney - fiddle

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