Sunday, April 24, 2011

Treat Her Right

Treat Her Right will be doing a live recording at Lizard Lounge on Wed, Apr 27, 2011. Special guests will include Tim Gearan, Monique Ortiz, Jess Tardy and more. I recently saw them put on a blazing set at this year's New England Americana Festival, so saying that this promises to be a great show would be an understatement. Advance tickets suggested.
Born in the Boston area around 1984, Treat Her Right was a band with a sound ahead of it's time. Fronted by David Champagne on slide guitar, Mark Sandman on low guitar, Jimmy Fitting on harmonica and Billy Conway on cocktail drum, Treat Her Right was said to have a style that encompassed rock & roll, rockabilly, blues-rock, and swamp-rock, all with post-punk attitude...cowpunk. Cambridge on any given night? 
Here's a vintage Treat Her Right video, featuring Mark Sandman and filmed at The Plough and Stars in the late '80's.

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