Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paradise Home Improvements

As reported in "Makeover in Paradise"Jim Sullivan, Paradise Rock Club will undergo a major renovation over the summer. The improvements will close the club from about July 4 to Labor Day. It should reopen with a larger capacity, to around 1000 from 728. 

The stage (shown here) will also be moved away from the middle pillar, which sits right in front of the band. I only recently learned, from Dennis Brennan's mailing list that the pillars are from the space's former life as a parking garage. Who knew?

Anyway, Paradise is still my favorite big rock club and bigger doesn't always mean better, so I'm a little nervous about the changes. Although I really won't miss the old bathrooms or the crowded ticket booth and merch areas.

The timing probably couldn't be better, though, since the many bands will be playing festivals and other summertime venues anyway.

Be sure to check out Buffalo Tom at the "old" Paradise on June 11.

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