Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dennis Brennan Band

Dennis Brennan Band, Nov 25 at Lizard Lounge

People in the know told me that Dennis was a must-see, similar to what they told me about Tim Gearan (and they were right about Tim). So while I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, I knew this was the show to see and the band line-up looked great; Lyle Brewer (guitar, Sarah Borges), Billy Beard (drums, Session Americana) and Richard Gates (bass).

It doesn't happen all that often, but occasionally a great double-header actually works out. I had already planned to see Sarah Blacker's early show during her residency at Toad. so the plan was to hit the late show down the street at Lizard Lounge. Good plan, but the show was sold-out when I arrived. Luckily I ran into someone at the door with an extra wristband.

Musicians probably hate comparisons, but here are mine... I was expecting more of bluesy/folky sound (ala Tom Waits), but they came out with full throttle rootsy rock & roll. Dennis was dressed in a suit and porkpie hat, reminded me a little of Lyle Lovett or Elvis Costello in demeaner and delivery, but definitely rocked harder. He played left-handed guitar (two electric and one acoustic), each one strung upside-down; similar (I think) to Dick Dale.

The band did two lively sets and were in full swing toward the end, when the fire alarm went off. This took everyone by surprise, especially the band, since it cut off their sound and the lights came on. I think everyone wanted to continue, but since the Cambridge FD had been called, the night was forced to an abrupt end.

Dennis just won a well deserved 2009 Boston Music Award for Unsung Hero, which I think is the coolest honor of them all.

Dennis Brennan Band is Kevin Barry, Duke Levine, Andrew Mazzone, Billy Beard, and Dennis Brennan

Iodine Brothers are Jay Bellerose, Kevin Barry, Paul Bryan, Duke Levine, and Dennis Brennan

White Owls are Mike Dinalo, Steve Sadler, Andy Plaisted, Dean Casell, and Dennis Brennan.

  • Mon: White Owls @ Toad (8pm)
  • Wed: Dennis Brennan Band @ Lizard Lounge (Jan - Jul, 2012)
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