Tuesday, December 29, 2009


They're a-lookin' for a home, They're a-lookin' for a home.

There are several venues around town that bring in bands as "artists in residency", usually for a month but sometimes more. Possibly the longest running residency was Tim Gearan, who had an amazing decade-plus run at Toad. That's Billy Beard (at left), who may be one of the most frequent performers at the Toad/Lizard residencies.

I could say something like Residencies are better than beer. But, since you can get beer at these shows, you don't have to choose. And it doesn't get much better than that.

Residencies are good for the artists, who can work on their repertoire, while gaining new fans and having fun at the same time. They're good for the venues and most obviously they're good for fans. It's a Win-Win-Win for all involved.

Here are some of the current and past residencies of note. If you know of others, feel free to let me know.

   White Owls (Dennis Brennan blues) followed by 
   Jen Kearney and the Lost Onion (Latin/funk) @ Toad
   This is a great double-bill. White Owls is Dennis Brennan's blues group. Dennis sings and plays harmonica. They go on around 8pm til about 9:30. The great think is that you can catch the show even on "a school night". Jen Kearney and the Lost Onion are a lively latin, funk group and go on at 10pm. They sound great and get the crowd going. Mondays at 8pm. Free

    Members of Morphine @ Atwoods Tavern
    Members of Morphine (aka Elastic Waste Band) are two original members of Morphine: Dana Colley (electric baritone sax, vocals), Jerome Deupree (drums), with Jeromy Lyons (electric guitar, 2-string slide bass, vocals). They do Morphine songs and covers. I've heard they are great. Wednesday at 10pm. Free

    Jimmy Ryan and Hayride! @ Lizard Lounge
    Jimmy Ryan and Hayride! will be doing a January residency at Lizard Lounge. Wednesdays at 9pm. $7 cover
    Tim Gearan Band @ Atwoods Tavern
    The Tim Gearan Band rocks the house at Atwoods every TGIF. If you haven't yet been, you need to go. ' Nuff said. Fridays at 10pm. $5 cover

    Tim Gearan session @ The Burren
    Tim Gearan's Americano Session (not to be confused with Session Americana, of course!) include local players Sean Staples and friends. I haven't been yet, but I believe this is an acoustic show and they do originals and covers of rootsy rock songs. Sundays at 7pm. Free

    Sea Monsters @ Precinct
    The Sea Monsters are a group including Jesse Dee, Christian Mcneill, Lyle Brewer and guests that vary by week. Sundays at 10pm. $5 cover

Club info:
Past residencies of note:
  • Bill Janovitz, Sat nights @ Toad
  • Session Americana, Tue nights @ Lizard
  • Cassavettes and Mia Dyson, Tue nights @ Toad
  • Todd Thibaud, Tue nights @ Toad

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