Monday, November 2, 2009


We're an American band. We're coming to your town, we'll help you party down...

OK, I couldn't resist the inside joke. The band auditioned for a Tom Cruise movie (filmed in MA) and were going play a Grand Funk song in a wedding scene. As reported on, they didn't get the part. Oh well, who needs a whole lotsa money or a big, fine car....

In all seriousness, they are really a great rockin' Boston band, by way of Texas. Here's some info from their myspace:

Known for energetic, powerful live shows that crackle with the electricity of The Replacements, Old 97s, and The Rolling Stones, Cassavettes (pronounced kass-uh-vets) has turned more than a few heads, locally and beyond -- scooping up “Best Local Band” in the Boston Phoenix reader’s poll, nabbing a Boston Music Award nod for “Outstanding Americana Act,” and making a splash at South By Southwest 2007 and 2008 in Austin, Texas, ...

OK, they had me at Replacements... Here's a little video from SoozTV that might give you an idea.

I've seen them a few times at Toad and they always rock the house. The new album "Shake Down the Sun" is excellent and is my current pick for Boston Record of the Year. Not that my vote counts or that CDs are still called "records". My current pick for Boston song of the year is either "Lights Out" or "Madeline", both from that album. Besides all that, they are nice guys and support their friends in the Boston music scene.

Cassavettes are (alphabetically): Coyote Scott Jones (bass), Mike McCullagh (guitar, vocals), Matt Snow (drums) and Glenn Yoder (lead vocals, guitar)

You should go see them, I should go.... OK, I'll see you there... And if you're following along Cassavettes, I'm gonna want to hear some of that Grand Funk. :-)

Upcoming Shows:
  • Jan 30 Rodfest @ Paradise Rock Club (Three Day Threshold and more)
  • Feb 23 @ TT the Bears
More info:

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