Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Spectacular

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

No photographic evidence exists, but maybe that's not a bad thing. Suffice it to say that a good time was had by all. We had a table that was part of the stage for most of the show, so it doesn't get much better than that. Good to see Ali, Johnny and Melissa.

Sarah Borges and Lyle Brewer (from her band, the Broken Singles) started the evening off doing original songs on dueling electric guitars, literally dueling during one set.

Heads-up: Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles at Johnny D's on Sat, Dec 5

Next up was The Guilded Splinters playing Hank Williams and original songs with rock and twang.

Things shifted into high gear with Tom Baker of The Dirty Truckers, Chuck Melchin of Bean Pickers Union, Jim Zavadoski of BrownBoot and Jason Baldock of Eddie Japan playing the music of The V-Roys.

Heads-up: Township with The Dirty Truckers at TT the Bear's on Fri, Nov 20
Heads-up: The Bean Picker's Union with Preacher Jack, Bryan Pero and the Tired Horses at the Rosebud (Bar and Grill, in Davis Sq) on Sat, Nov 7 

Finally, the amps were turned up to 11 for BrownBoot, who performed as "early Rod Stewart". Their set included blazing songs from Faces, The Jeff Beck Group and Rod's own "Maggie May". I don't think I can add to "Rod's" description: "Brownboot (Rodrigo Van Stoli, Jordan Valentine, Jimmy (Jax) Zavadoski, Wes and Matt - with Andrew Malone on keys) play the best rock n roll evarr - with drinks to match. We look forward to being banned from this fine establishment.". Yeah, they may get banned. But if they come back, I'm so there...

Heads-up: Bang Camaro at Paradise on Sat, Dec 12

To listen to a few covers from Brownboot, check out Boston Band Crush.

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