Monday, November 9, 2009


And we ain't nobody's darlins,
So just shut up and play that guitar said of Lucero's "Dreaming in America": Flying by the seat of their pants, Southern indie rockers Lucero have eked out a career in music despite never receiving a royalty check from their first record company and watching their second label close its doors right as the band was getting hot. Add a charismatic, heartfelt ruffian as lead singer, a never-ending tour schedule, and a Replacements-like show that's brilliance on the brink of drunken disaster, and you've got one heck of a story.

Lucero is one of those bands that I'll try to see whenever they come to Boston. I got to see them twice this year;  at Paradise in March and Middle East in October. Normally, I say that the smaller venue is better, but I enjoyed the Paradise show better. I had a much better spot and took some photos at that show. There was also less crazies (kids spraying beer and crowd surfing) up front

They remind me more of Uncle Tupelo than The Replacements, but I'm a big fan of both and never got to see either. Lucero have a rabid following, many who sing along and shout requests, even this far north of their Memphis home. They play for two hours without a set list and hnoor most requests; even if they're not sure they can remember the words. They rock. Go see them, if you can.

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